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31 січня 2022

Senior Ruby Engineer (Sign up bonus 2000 USD) (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, віддалено

Необхідні навички

— 4+ years of work experience as a Ruby developer;
— Ruby on Rails 5/6 at least for 1 year;
— Experience in TDD and ATDD to drive your development;
— Good understanding of automated testing and debug;
— Comfortable with the UNIX/Linux command line;
— Practical experience with RDBMS;
— Experience with Sidekiq;
— English: Upper-Intermediate B2+

Буде плюсом

● Experience in pair programming;
● Experience implementing APIs;
● Experience with VIM, TMUX;
● Loves working in an Agile environment


Why Ukrainian talents work with Human Agency?

— Creating a positive impact in the World.
— Picking yourself whether you want to be a back-end, full-stack, or work with Golang, Elixir, etc.
— Using cutting edge production technologies — Constantly adopting new technologies and evolving our architecture.
— Personal Growing plan — Developing professional growth plan for each individual in a team.
— Full-time support on your Human Agency journey — Regular performance reviews with HR or CTO; Constant knowledge sharing while pair program with top engineers.
— Shape our Ukrainian team to create more fun and motivated atmosphere.

— We are using the TDD and ATDD methodology. We write a test for any line of code;
— Regular code reviews;
— Pair programming with top developers. Close cooperation. Constant knowledge sharing. Friendly team.;
— Extreme programming;
— Ability to influence directly on product design;
— All line-up in Notion. Communication via Slack and Google meet. Everyone can ask anyone about anything;
— Medical insurance;
— Relocation bonuses;
— Hi-end laptops;
— Out-of-work activities.


Build: Deliver full stack stories using pair programming.
— Ship new features in Experience using TDD and pair programming
— Develop forms and APIs using common Rails patterns.
— Integrate with 3rd Party SaaS products
— Develop automated tests to reproduce bugs found in the system.
— Monitor HoneyBadger and performance monitoring for issues.
— Optimize any slow areas of the app.
— Pull custom reports from the database using SQL.

Grow: Level up your skills
— Aggressively master new skills such as TDD, Design Patterns, VIM, and TDD.
— Become proficient in building and unit testing React components

⚙️ Technology stack:
Ruby 2.7.2
Ruby-on-Rails 6.1
CI and analysis:

Rubocop, ESlint
Buildkite Skylight
Third-party integrations:
Service hosted on Heroku. Fully automated deployment after a commit to a master branch;

Code hosted on Github;
Have open source libraries;
The platform is in the active development stage. ~90% new features;
We are using the latest versions of all libraries (dependa-bot);
Rails way with using additional architectural layers. (Services, FormObjects, Commands, etc.;
Test coverage ~99%;
Small and fancy code base: 48000+ LOC (140000+ tests LOC)

Про проект

Are you passionate about change? Do you work on projects because you care about how they will affect real people’s lives and society as a whole?

НА is a venture backed, software product company looking for exceptional software engineers to join our team of „changers”. We are building a digital ads platform that gives everyone the ability to effectively advocate for their values and leverage digital ads for societal good.