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11 лютого 2021 18:59

Amelia Taghavi, Front-end Developer

I applied for the position of Front-end Developer and was contacted by Christina Vovk on the same day. Christina did her best to make the entire recruitment process happen comfortably and without delays. After a few days I passed a technical interview. All of the questions were asked quite professionally and had to do with important parts of Front-end Development that we have to deal with in everyday tasks and projects.

Later I was introduced to the project manager and client’s team and I was given all of the details regarding the project itself, which was quite a large application used globally by other companies.

Finally I was presented an offer. I was also offered flexible working hours as well as a choice to work remotely or from office.

The entire process took about 1 week.

Due to personal reasons that were not related to the company, I did not end up working at N-iX, but by observing the recruitment process and the people involved, I can say the following:

The company’s recruitment process is fast, robust and professional, recruiting agent and project manager were responsible, honest, understanding and transparent regarding matters dealing with employment and compensation. Technical assessment was also handled professionally.

I highly recommend N-iX to anyone looking to be employed in a professional yet comfortable environment with high standards.


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