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20 липня 2018 13:53

Kira Kira, Senior Executive Assistant to CEO з 2017 року

Greetings everyone!
I have been working in this company for almost a year, thus would gladly leave my feedback here.
In general, I am deeply encouraged with the management style, friendly atmosphere, possibilities and the comfort, that the company has created. On top of this, the company`s projects have joined the team of hard-working and striving for best results experts, which make this day to day journey exciting and goal-oriented. 

To illustrate my point, let me share a few facts about Compensation & Benefits package, which includes competitive salary, English and other educational courses, bonuses, free lunches and cookies, the best and free of charge coffee in the world from the top-notch barista, comfortable premises, gamer’s chairs at the working places, seasonal fruits or/and ice-cream days, holiday presents (ex. gift baskets), health screening etc. Not sure, that I have listed all the nice stuff we have here))
To put it briefly, I would highly recommend the company to work in!

Підтримали:  Anna Chuzhyk


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