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2 травня 2022

DevOps Engineer / Sayollo — $1000 Bonus for recommendation


Необхідні навички

Would you like to recommend someone for this position? Send your friend’s resume to the e-mail — [email protected] — and get a bonus of $ 1000 upon completion of the specialist’s probationary period.

At least 3 years of experience working as a DevOps engineer
Experience in Docker, containers, K8S, Clusters orchestration
Experience in Infrastructure as Code
Experience in building CI / CD pipelines
Experience in AWS/other cloud providers
Experience in shell scripting and Python
Experience in management of a company’s security protocols
BA/B.Sc in Computer Science (or equivalent), or a veteran of a technological army unit
Excellent English skills

Буде плюсом

Experience in building high scale production environments / Ad Tech


People-oriented management without bureaucracy
The friendly climate inside the company is confirmed by the frequent comeback of previous employees
Flexible working schedule
Paid time off (18 working days per year, plus all national holidays and 9 sick days)
Full financial and legal support for private entrepreneurs
Education compensation
Free English classes with native speakers or with Ukrainian teachers (for your choice)
Dedicated HR
Comfortable offices in the city center (pets friendly btw:) )
Possibility to choose your workspace either remote or combination of your home and one of our development offices/possibility of rotation between offices (Kyiv, Kharkiv)
We help with relocation. If you’d like to move to Kyiv or Kharkiv, we’ll try our best to make your relocation smooth and effortless
Last but not least — regular team buildings and corporate event


Build from scratch a complete back-end cloud-based infrastructure
The system is designed to handle very high QPS, generating terabytes of data daily
Responsible for building secure, elastic, and cost-effective Infra with all operational aspects of the production, staging, QA, and Dev environments
Creating CI/CD flows with quick gradual and safe code deployments

Про проект

Sayollo is a well-funded, fast-growing startup that connects brands directly to the fastest growing visual real estate market in the world, mobile games. Sayollo’s technology unlocks this connection to the benefit of game studios, players, and brands. Sayollo matches brands to their target demographics by enabling relevant and non-disruptive messages inside mobile games that players love. This technology returns control to game studios, removes interruptions for players, and re-introduces brands to their target demographics.

Website: www.sayollo.com