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3 жовтня 2022

Middle Data Scientist / NLP Engineer — $1000 Bonus for recommendation (вакансія неактивна)


Необхідні навички

Would you like to recommend someone for this position? Send your friend’s resume to the e-mail — [email protected] — and get a bonus of $ 1000 upon completion of the specialist’s probationary period.

M.Sc. (Phd preferred) in Computer Science, research track, ideally with a thesis in deep learning, computational linguistics, knowledge graphs
Proven ability of conducting reproducible applied research
Ability of articulating research questions, goals, outline, work plan, results and insights
High proficiency in Python and its data science stack (Pandas, sklearn, Jupyter notebooks, etc.)
3+ years of experience in applied research (Deep Learning)
2+ years of hands-on experience in engineering in production environments
NLP/NLU/NLG experience in document classification, text generation, summarization, NER
Deep understanding of artificial deep neural networks architectures, algorithms, infrastructure, tooling and practices, specifically in NLP/NLU/NLG
Upper-intermediate level of English


People-oriented management without bureaucracy
The friendly climate inside the company is confirmed by the frequent comeback of previous employees
Flexible working schedule
Paid time off (18 working days per year, plus all national holidays and 9 sick days)
Full financial and legal support for private entrepreneurs
Education compensation
Free English classes with native speakers or with Ukrainian teachers (for your choice)
Dedicated HR


Data acquisition
Interaction with domain experts including
Annotation team(s)
Interacting with Product Managers and Peer researchers
Research engineering
Data cleaning
Coding consistency
Synthetic medical data generation
Designing, training, evaluating, improving and maintaining machine learning models, including cutting edge deep learning models.
Designing, implementing and maintaining machine learning and research pipelines
Conducting applied algorithmic and reproducible research
Delivering timely updates to ever improving autonomous coding capabilities
Focuse on NLP, text mining, transformers, BERT, GPT

Про проєкт

Maverick Medical AI is set to revolutionize medical coding from tedious human intensive operation into autonomous coding. We’re hiring an NLP specialist to conduct Applied Algorithmic Research in the CTO group.

Website: www.maverick-med.com