MusiX AG

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MusiX AG embodies the world of creativity and music by inspiring our teammates to find their own individual sound. We strive to develop lifelong musicians and make a difference in the world by enabling musicians and non-musicians alike to experience the almost indescribable happiness that comes from playing an instrument. We believe in putting our customers first, engaging with respect and integrity and fulfilling our mission with passion.

We are...
....One of the leading suppliers for music devices and instruments in Switzerland and Central Europe. At the beginning of the year 2004 we were totally unknown in the market and now we grow globally and are pretty ambitious about it! We are innovative: up to now there is not yet any global supplier for musical instruments. There are big players in the market (e.g. GuitarCenter in the US, Thomann in Europe) but there’s no supplier who can cover the complete work of the global distribution and offer this service to a manufacturer.

Our topics are...
• Java8 (soon Java10) Eclipse, git, Junit
• SQL / databases
• Web technologies (Apache, Tapestry)
• Mobile Apps (Ionic, Angular, Cordova)
• Linux, OpenSource
• GUI applications (Java, Swing)
• business process analysis
• process optimization
• performance tuning
• internationalization
... and many other topics.

As a Software Developer you will have the chance to really make a difference while creating new software solutions every day. We are looking for professionals who enjoy creating something new, who like working independently and who feel engaged to a common goal on a long term commitment.

For other positions there are vast opportunities for career growth and self-development!

Our core value is FREEDOM. It means not only our big advantage — working remotely from any place of the Universe:), but basically our management style: we don’t manage people, we follow the idea “Free your employees and let them lead your business to higher productivity, profits and growth”. But we realize that such freedom is not for everyone — only the most intelligent, responsible, self-motivated and enthusiastic people are able to become a part of our rockstars team:)

Are you Ready Player One?;) Don’t hesitate to apply!