Almost 20 years ago, Murano Software was founded by bringing together world-class software engineers with innovative companies in the United States. Our founders took their software development talents and immigrated to the United States when the Internet was still in its infancy.
18 липня 2022

.NET Developer



The project is a data system that supports document’s workflow and effective interaction of services related to the car dealerships’ operations.

We occupy up to 80% of the California dealer market. The number of provided services leaves all the competitors far behind. The system has a lot of integrations with various public and government services for registration, accounting, and receiving data. It also provides API integration capabilities with our services.

There are two main subsystems:

  • Portal is a web part for dealer centers workflows (it is supported by the Java team).
  • Backend is everything related to support, auditors, accountants, and management. The principal services here are Billing (supports accounting and customer service), Backoffice (the main application for auditing and supporting the users), Shipping (an application for sending data and registrations).

Now we have plans to start working on new projects: pattern recognition (automated audit), multistate cloud database platform, and NTF blockchain technologies. Also, we are migrating old projects to Kubernetes

The technology stack of the platform:

  • NET 5, NET 6, Framework 4.8
  • ASP.NET MVC, WebApi, SOAP, REST, Swagger
  • DI, RabbitMQ, MassTransit
  • JavaScript, Knockout, SignalR, jQuery
  • PostgreSQL, Dapper

The project team:

  • Tech Lead
  • 5 Full-stack developers
  • QA Engineer


  • studying the current process, integration of new technological trends;
  • providing improving ideas and applying them to the existing system;
  • close cooperation with business analysts/managers from the USA to analyze the market requirements;
  • willingness and ability to work both as part of a team and independently as appropriate;
  • readiness to implement of MVP and new processes due to the high probability of launching new projects.

Growth/development prospects:

  • You’ll have real prospects for technical growth on this project, as the team consists of Strong Middle/Senior level specialists.
  • The project allows improving the English level as well: workflows involve correspondence (sometimes Skype meetings) with the US colleagues.


  • computer science education and 3+ years of practice experience in C# development;
  • solid knowledge of ASP.NET MVC 5 and ASP.NET Web API;
  • knowledge of SQL;
  • a clear understanding of design patterns, SOLID, and OOP principles;
  • knowledge of data structures;
  • VCS (preferably Git) experience;
  • intermediate English lvl.


  • resume review and screening;
  • extended online interview with tech. experts — approx. 1 hour;
  • offer.

Waiting for your CV!