More than 20 years ago, Murano Software was founded by bringing together world-class software engineers with innovative companies in the United States. Our founders took their software development talents and immigrated to the United States when the Internet was still in its infancy.
12 вересня 2022

Full-stack developer (RoR) (вакансія неактивна)



The new experienced teammate is expected to improve our communication platform.

It was created for employees of the largest companies worldwide, like Amazon, Ford, Hilton, Boeing, Pfizer, etc. to be used in a technically complex environment. More than 40% of Fortune 100 companies chose the platform to integrate into their workflows.

Top Features of the platform:

— promptly warnings for key employees;
— saving time and increasing the efficiency of communications within the company through thе automation;
— a reliable way of connecting with employees wherever they are with integration in systems and applications of the workplace;
— optimization of communication processes with interactive reports and user-level analytics.
The bulk of the tasks includes working with both the backend (RoR + Node.js) and the front-end (React).

The technology stack of the platform:

— Ruby on Rails 5/6
— PostgreSQL
— Redis
— RabbitMQ
— elasticsearch
— JS/TS (node.js, ReactJS)
— AWS, Kubernetes, and Docker
— Microservices

The project team:

— Tech Lead
— 3-5 Full-stack developers
— 1-2 QA Engineers


— making clean, maintainable, scalable, and well-tested code;
— making elegant user web interfaces and reporting dashboards;
— cooperating with other teammates, researching the best options to solve complex issues;
— designing an environment with creative solutions as an architect;
— working with all levels of the project to develop and implement new features, present software products, and support its users.

Growth/development prospects:

You’ll have real prospects for technical growth on this project, as the team consists of Strong Middle/Senior level specialists.
The main part of the team is in the USA, which allows improving the English level as well.


— 3+ years of front-end development experience using React or another modern JavaScript framework;
— 5+ years of creating enterprise-level applications on Ruby on Rails experience;
— D3.js or another JavaScript library for data visualization experience;
— Node.js, Ruby, and other full-featured technologies experience;
— strong knowledge of OOD, domain-specific design, and microservices;
— experience in an Agile environment.

To belong to the project, you should:

— have a computer science education and 5+ years of real experience in development;
— tight to learn during the working process and succeed in new tasks;
— be interested in studying with the team, and ready to teach others;
— be interested in the quality of the developing product;
— be proactive, ready to contribute to the development of the product.


— resume review and screening;
— extended online interview with tech. experts — approx. 1.5-2 hours;
— project manager interview — approx. 45 min;
— offer.

Waiting for your CV!