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Who are we ? What are we doing? Why are we?

Who are we ?

We are Mobios — modern and progressive team who knows how to make your business more effective, unique and favorable in conditions of rapid technological development.

What are we doing ?

We provide a professional and complex approach to create impressive sites to improve your business, increase sales and implement each feature. Almost 10 years our key direction is to make a top-tier platform for your business for sustainable growth and success.

We help passionate founders and stakeholders mitigate risk and advance their goals.

Imagine that you can visualize and keep your business processes always unstoppable and obtain earnings continuously! This is our goal!

Why are we ?

So, we are innovative, and dedicated with each project. We work smarter and harder than our competition.We respond and act immediately.

— We provide complex approach for site development including target audience analysis, marketing strategy, SEO, contextual advertising.
— iOS and Android application development.
— Creating unique style guides, brandbook etc.
— People first: We put humans first to transform complex problems into easy. decisions flexibility, long partnerships.
— We do not micromanage our employees.
— We lead, respond, follow-up, “babysit”.
— We offer design thinking-based and technology driven services in digital product. innovation, customer experience management, and digital transformation.
— We are always open to offer new extraordinary functionalities and expand the border of projects even if you haven’t decided on what you need yet.

Our technologies:

— PHP;
— Laravel;
— Vue.js\VueX;
— Opencart, Wordpress;
— React\Redux;
— Next.js\Nuxt.js;
— Typescript.

Looking forward to collaborate and evolve together !