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4 січня 2022

Mobile Developer (Unity, 3D) for gaming financially backed up startup (вакансія неактивна)

віддалено $4000–7000

For a quick reply or recommendation — please reach us out on email [email protected] ( $1000 bonus)

We are in the early stage of making a few 3D mobile games (nonviolent strategies mid-core games + RPG) as well as a 3D movie associated with one of the games. Our goal is to create well-designed products and we develop our own game engine.

And we are looking for a 3D Mobile Developer to join our financially backed up startup.

3D development on mobile platforms (Android preferred). Good English level

Responsibilities: optimizing the game for mobile platforms; further work on 3D Mobile Clients. Unity 3D под Mobile. Unity is not mandatory.

— взять готовый продукт в Unity и оптимизировать его под Mobile, под Android.
— уменьшать ресурсоемкость игры на слабых телефонах.

The hiring process is very quick:

  • hour interview with C level
  • references check ( it’s a 10 mins call with your previous manager/colleague)

Company benefits:

  • Loyal management
  • We appreciate people
  • The position is fully remote
  • Existing stock options plan
  • Many interesting tasks
  • We are financially backed up
  • Flexible work schedule
  • High level of compensation

Our worldwide Team (Ukraine, Russia, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic etc.) is 23 developers, game designers, and 3D artists.

We are financially backed up and we keep growing, this year we are going to hire about 25 highly skilled colleagues to create the new coolest games.

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