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Morebis Inc is a US-based service company with the development base located in Eastern Europe, with offices throughout Ukraine. We specialize in developing enterprise-level solutions and systems for a multitude of clients across North America and Europe. Over 100 developers and engineers are ready to meet and execute on any challenge across numerous technologies and verticals.

Morebis Inc provides a full range of development and delivery services. Our SAFe certified Project Managers and Business Analysts are experts in all delivery methodologies, and as the faithfully practitioners of the Agile approach, are trained to focus on finding a fast and efficient path to solving the client’s business problem. We pride ourselves on walking in step with our clients, always keeping the business aware and able to assess the progress allowing for the flexibility to pivot and improve on previously conceived plans.

We believe that as part of our company you are more than just a nameless part of the delivery machine. While we intend on growing and expanding our market share within the global IT industry, it is our first and foremost wish to empower our employees and have them grow with us. This is why we provide our employees with an opportunity to engage and promote various company wide initiatives that are fully backed by our entire organization. Be a part of our growing family and build your own future with us.

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