Moonray is an international indie studio with 30+ employees headquartered in the USA and has a strong core team in Ukraine ( We value creativity and are passionate about providing the best action combat gameplay experience coupled with stunning visuals.

Moonray is a 3rd person multiplayer PvP combat arena game, set in a post-human science fantasy world and developed in UE5.

The game is recognized by its fresh and fantastical art style inspired by our own graphic novel from the award winning comic book artists Brandon Graham and Xurxo G Penalta (see ). The comic has completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, and Vol 1 is available in 4,000 comic book stores and book stores in the US, and UK.

We have successfully proved the game prototype in a series of audience playtests and are preparing for our Open Alpha / Early Access on the Epic Games Store in the Spring 2024.

So join the team and let’s create an absolutely awesome game together!

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