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MoonAgency — is consulting agency. Our mission is to help you develop your business faster with qualified employees!

We provide full recruitment and HR services.
We have more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry and understand its business models.
We have experience closing vacancies with different levels of seniority and various programming languages and technologies (Rust, C++, C#, Embedded, PHP, JavaScript, Java, Go, Python, Ruby, iOS, Swift, Android, Dart, Xamarin, etc).

We have a large pool of candidates with different levels of seniority in different technologies. We strive to provide a relevant and qualified applicant within 7 calendar days.
Our rigorous recruitment process includes getting to know you and your corporate culture and matching you with the perfect applicant. Upon request, we can assist in providing the HR interview.
Once you’ve selected your new employee, we are prepared to help with the negotiation and hiring processes using our in-depth industry knowledge to determine compensation and benefits.

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