MOJAM — це продуктова команда, яка розробляє wow-сервіси для геймерів у всьому світі. Одним з найуспішніших є продукт для геймерів CS2, яким користуються мільйони людей у 168 країнах.
19 червня 2024



Hey there, SRE master! We’re on the hunt for a rock star to join our crew and level up our infrastructure. If you’re a top-tier pro in your field, passionate about growing and working with the latest and most cutting-edge tech stack, hop on board with MOJAM 💻

📍 What to do

● Define and drive the initial technical strategy for the team to achieve improvements in observability and incident detection for the product
● Continuously evaluate existing systems with industry standards, and make recommendations for improvement

🦸 Your superpowers

● 3 years of experience as a Site Reliability Engineer or an Advocate for observability
● Experience in building or managing an on-call platform and knowledge of how to organize shifts
● Knowledge of RED, USE, Four Gold Signals, DORA etc.

🤘 Will be a strong advantage

● Experience with building observability with any provider (we use Grafana Cloud LGTM)
● Knowledge of how to work with Kubernetes, and understanding of what a pod, service, ingress, and CRD are
● Ability to use IaC and GitOps sets of practices to manage infrastructure and application configurations
● Experience working with major cloud vendors like AWS, GCP, Azure, etc
● Experience supporting and monitoring PHP and NodeJS applications

🍪 Team Perks

● Totally remote work from wherever you grind. Into coworking? We’ve got your back
● Flex schedule with no time tracking, because our goal is results
● Work gear on us, get the tech you need
● Half-year bonus Twice a year every mojamer receives a sweet bonus as a nod to our shared achievements