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21...80 специалистов

We are a creative team who dares to turn ideas into great products.
Our major product parental control app operates on smartphones (iPhone, Android) & desktop (Windows, MacOS). It was created with a mission to ease modern parenting by setting regulations of the Internet usage and preventing online dangers for children.
Our focus is foreign market only: USA, Europe, Australia, Brazil etc. We are proud to feature our product in 200+ countries around the globe.

To show off:
— we operate about 30 different services on backend which are parts of our big system;
— our backend serves about 14M requests and process more than 600Gb of data per day;
— the total storage capacity our backend works with is about 60Tb

Moreover, we are the only parental control software to provide 24/7 Customer Support

Mobisoft is united by a single goal and common inspiration to create awesome products for real needs.
We cherish individual approach to challenges, with a strong emphasis placed on performance and merit-based opportunities across the board.
Mobisoft values talents, who LOVE what they do, ENJOY the process and are PROUD of the result.