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200...800 специалистов
Харьков, Николаев, Мариуполь, Черновцы

6 вакансий

  • Machine Learning Engineer Харьков
    Modern businesses — ranging from emerging companies to large enterprises — express interest in application of Data Science. MobiDev covers this direction and invites a talented expert. It doesn’t really matter who you are: a gorgeous mathematician, an analyst or a programmer.
  • Data Scientist Engineer Харьков
    For MobiDev, Data Science is one of the primary areas of expertise. It’s modern, progressive, and it delivers actual value to businesses from a variety of spheres, being applied in the solutions that we create for our clients. Now our team invites a Data Scientist to join in.
  • Lead Business Analyst Харьков
    MobiDev is looking for a competent specialist to create and, in future, enhance Business Analysis department as a Team Leader.
  • MobiDev creates custom software for enterprises, emerging, and established companies around the world.
  • Project Manager Николаев, Черновцы
    MobiDev office in Chernivtsi and Mykolaiv are ready to expand the PM team. If your advanced level of English matches your passion for management tasks, and if you are unafraid of responsibility, it looks like we’ve been waiting for you. Send us your CV and let’s get acquainted!
  • Android Developer Николаев
    "Our Nikolaev office—which celebrated its 5th anniversary in November—is expanding the team to cover a wide array of cool projects. When it comes to mobile development, the position of Junior Android Developer is always highly anticipated, so catch it while it’s hot!

Оценка компании: 93/100

Проголосовал 61 сотрудник
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