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Being a unique telecom and cloud management solution built natively on ServiceNow platform, MobiChord is the fastest growing telecom and cloud management company with multiple verticals customers all over the world.

We are changing the world of old-school telecom completely and hold a leading position in the niche.

MobiChord software helps large companies (B2B, enterprise-scale) manage everything related to telecommunications and cloud services, as well as reduce labor costs by 69%, make processes 86% quicker, reduce operational costs up to 32%. At the scale of our customers such as Siemens, Adidas this translates to millions of dollars of savings + much happier people.

We automate all major business processes, be it ordering a new phone or requesting virtual machine from Amazon, etc., thus through integration with major telecom and cloud providers via APIs.

We analyze all the data, automatically suggest where they waste money and allow to fix it through our automation.
And on top of it all is our great passion for providing amazing consumer-like User Experience that is reflected in our Portals and UIs.

Our core product is built on top of ServiceNow, the most important enterprise IT management platform!

It is strategic choice for the largest companies in the world (>45% of 2k largest enterprises use ServiceNow). By being built on top of ServiceNow we have unique advantage of having the data and automation where these companies need to have it.
There is no other company on the market that can claim it! And you guessed right, the same companies are our current or future customers!

ServiceNow also gives us its technology and all the cool features that you would expect of normal enterprise software (database designer and ORM, UI frameworks on AngularJs, workflows, full-stack JavaScript, machine learning, integration APIs and much more). On top of it we are natively integrated into all existing ServiceNow applications. So we can focus on creating great products and not on reinventing the wheel!

Of course, on top of that we have our own cloud services for all cool API integrations, mass data processing, analytics, machine learning, etc.

We believe that when great people get together — magic happens. This is why we have cross-functional agile teams. We do not believe in micromanagement, politics and bureaucracy, actually we hate all of that.

We believe that a great person loves to learn, create and improve — we will continue create such environment together.

Automate, automate, automate — this is our personal mantra. Where our competitors throw people at task — we put technology first.

We care the most about our customers, saving their time and providing best User Experience.
We move fast, faster than any competition.
And it is all about the people who share this mindset with us.

Every one of us knows by heart “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” in order to avoid them in daily work routine towards colleagues:pyramid_functions
• Inattention to results. Focusing on personal success, status, and ego before team success.
• Avoidance of accountability. Ducking the responsibility to call peers on counterproductive behavior which sets low standards.
• Lack of commitment. Feigning buy-in for group decisions creates ambiguity throughout the organization.
• Fear of conflict. Seeking artificial harmony over a constructive passionate debate
• The absence of trust. Unwilling to be vulnerable within the group.

Our product is all about integration and automation. The solutions enable large international organizations to have full control, optimize and automate everything that relates to:
• Fixed telecommunications.
• Wireless telecommunications.
• Cloud telecommunication services.
• Internet of Things.
We bring together data and actions of above systems to create a single view and automation API, so our customers can benefit from analytics, transparency, and automation.

MobiChord is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and has offices in North America, EMEA and APAC.

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