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MLSDev creates innovative digital solutions for clients from the US, Europe, and Arab countries.

Our primary services:

• Custom software development
• Web application development
• Mobile app development

MLSDev by the numbers:

• Established in 2009
• 200+ products developed
33-month average employee tenure
• 97% client satisfaction rate

Our tech rules for clients:

• We don’t work with legacy projects
• We don’t rescue a project after unsuccessful outsourcing to other companies
• We are very picky in project selection
• We develop projects mostly on our time-proven tech stack (RoR, Node.js, Angular, Vue.js)
• We develop projects from scratch in 99% of cases

A few points about the values of MLSDev:

1. Expertise.
“A high level of knowledge or skill” (Cambridge Dictionary).
Continuous enhancement of tech expertise is one of our core values at MLSDev. We strive to help each of our team members deepen their skills most conveniently.

To fulfill this objective, we provide our colleagues with specialized learning opportunities like advanced training courses, tech events, etc. Our experts are facing extraordinary challenges to build innovative solutions daily, thus, other colleagues can learn from their experience and gain exceptional first-hand insights. We also encourage everyone to take their own responsibility for learning and growing on the go.

At MLSDev, we’re always curious about new technologies and opportunities to expand our expertise, so we never stop learning.

2. Professionalism.
“The combination of all the qualities that are connected with trained and skilled people” (Cambridge Dictionary).

Professionalism is another key value we support through hiring professionals who possess a combination of soft and hard skills necessary for the business and engineering challenges they are expected to solve at MLSDev.

MLSDev builds high-quality products owing to the exceptional professionalism standards we maintain among our teams. Each of our team members is a competent, mature, responsible, and reliable expert in their field.
We believe that professional teams create an atmosphere that facilitates growth, curiosity, and quality.

3. Initiative.
“A new plan or process to achieve something or solve a problem. The ability to use your judgment to make decisions and do things without needing to be told what to do” (Cambridge Dictionary).

At MLSDev, we value and encourage initiativeness among team members. Experts who openly express their ideas can produce innovative solutions even when it’s least expected.

We never ignore our colleagues’ assumptions, as even the most irrelevant concepts can eventually lead to unexpected discoveries. MLSDev relies on the team members’ expertise and professionalism; instead of micro-managing, we promote self-determination, diligence, and thirst for knowledge.

In simple words, we build a safe environment where each team member can take up tech challenges by freely expressing their ideas. As a result, the products we build solve complex business requests with smart technology solutions.

4. Teamwork.
“The combined actions of a group of people working together effectively to achieve a goal” (American Dictionary).

At MLSDev, teamwork is one of the central values. We foster honest communication, readiness to assist, and cross-team communication. Well-established teamwork ensures a comfortable working environment for the team members and secures high retention rates.

We never punish or blame our team members for mistakes — instead of stigmatizing errors, we draw lessons from them and further extend our expertise. Apart from it, we appreciate fresh ideas from newbies as well as tenured team members and are always open to communication with our colleagues.

MLSDev is a flexible organization with minimal bureaucracy only applied by necessity.

A few words about our projects:

You have certainly heard about McDonald’s, right? We created their iOS and Android apps for the Baltic region.
ESPN? The US’ leading sports channel asked us to assist their digital solution team.
Artstation? A leading showcase platform for artists that was developed in close cooperation with Ballistiq.
goPuff? Our cooperation started in 2013. Two college students came to us with a simple idea. They said: “Guys, we want to deliver snacks to the colleges nearby.” The project evolved into a global delivery platform with over 2M downloads on the AppStore and Google Play. As of 2020, goPuff has over 200 facilities, serves 500+ US cities, and has 4,000+ employees. We are still a reliable tech partner for them.

Still not excited?

• We digitized the medical industry in the Dominican Republic (enterprise-level client)
• We innovated the medical industry in Kuwait (large business)
• We created a solution so that Malta no longer has problems with same-day delivery service (start-up that has great potential to grow into a medium-size business)

We are just waiting for you to join our team and help us create great products.
Write to us today and get more details about our vacancies :)