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Київ, Львів, Івано-Франківськ, Рівне, Тернопіль, Валенсія (Іспанія)

MirosTech is a new era international software development outstaffing partner specializing in scaling remote engineering capacity via the dedicated team model.

Headquartered in Spain — Valencia, we bring business transparency, predictability and favorable collaboration to businesses in Europe and North America on a whole new level.

Our development centers are located in all major IT Hubs in Ukraine and provide our clients with technical talent offering rich expertise along with steady organic growth.

We keep our hand on the pulse of today’s realities of small & medium IT businesses and we are ultra experienced at building flexible small dedicated remote development teams.

We invest heavily into learning & development of our people and strive to become one of the leaders in Europe in building fully-remote software development teams.