800...1500 спеціалістів
Київ, Харків, Вінниця, Кошице (Словаччина), Варшава (Польща), Вашингтон (США), Лондон (Велика Британія), Мадрид (Іспанія), Нью-Йорк (США), Севілья (Іспанія)


Miratech helps visionaries change the world. We are global IT services and consulting organization that enables start-ups, midsize companies, and large multinational organizations to achieve their strategic business goals by providing dedicated high-performing technology teams to plan, manage, develop and support information technology infrastructure, operational, and client-facing solutions.

Our culture of Relentless Performance enables over 99% of Miratech’s engagements to succeed by meeting or exceeding scope, schedule, and/or budget objectives since our inception in 1989. Whether you’re looking to disrupt your industry, elevate your customer experience, or transform your entire organization, you can count on Miratech to craft your technological roadmap to success.

With 30+ years in software development, 900+ on-site and remote staff in 25+ countries, and 7 R&D centers all over the world Miratech remains of the best and most trusted global outsourcing service providers.


Miratech has been included on The Global Outsourcing 100® list by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP®) for 10 consecutive years. We were named one of the best 100 outsourcing service providers by FORTUNE magazine.

Miratech has been ranked highly in major industrial ratings, including the Global Services 100; the Software 500®; the NOA’s Outsourcing Professional Award; The Global Outsourcing 100, ® and Best Five Companies in Eastern Europe, by IAOP®.


Miratech is SEI SW-CMM Level 3, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 certified.


From developing the Genesys platform to customizing it for specific business objectives, Miratech has worked with Genesys every step of the way. We have over 20 years of experience working with Genesys and, with over 3.5 million hours of implementing the Genesys CX platform, we know it better than anyone else. We employ over 300 dedicated Genesys consultants and engineers worldwide, supporting many of the largest installations at the most recognized world leaders in telecommunications, financial services, hospitality, retail, and government.


Miratech has its headquarters in New York, USA and R&D centers in Ukraine, India, Poland, Spain, Canada, and the U.S. With a global presence, Miratech can readily provide services to our clients wherever they may be. The company’s RemoteForever culture allows Miratech’s employees to operate virtually from anywhere.


Transforming the knowledge learned from the project to project and cross-industry is part of the value Miratech brings to your team as a strategic partner. Our relentless technology teams are an invaluable asset to any project. No learning curves, no downtime, our teams are efficient from day one, guaranteed.

We are currently serving fintech, insurance, debt collection, telecommunications, healthcare, and other industries. ​​


We serve the most diverse organizations in the world. We deliver high complexity engagements enabling needed transformations, taking into account each customer’s size, geography, IT landscape, culture, business domain, and more. Because we thrive in complexity, we can just as easily help an entrepreneur with a start-up get their product to market on time and under budget as we can help a global financial institution innovate its customer experience.


Miratech partners with the best. We know what it takes to deliver an outstanding customer experience, which is why we choose global experts that empower companies with innovative solutions and enable them to deliver great employee experience and remain highly competitive on the market.

Among the companies we work with are Genesys, Google, IBM, Afiniti, AT&T, WWT, 8×8, Siemens, Finca, Raiffeisen Bank, Swedbank, Axactor, Abraxas, Lumen, and others.


We share the essential values of our global community, including honesty, integrity, and doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. However important these are, we believe they are shared by most organizations, and are not differentiating. They do not uniquely define our organization’s genotype. Rather, we choose to describe Miratech’s unique genotype through these core value statements; unique in that they are not emphasized by other firms:

Do what’s right. Do what’s good

We respect our legal and ethical commitments. We treat every individual around us with dignity and respect. We are conscious about how your decision and actions impact our colleagues, clients, community and the world... This is why we do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

Know our client, and listen

Listening is essential to learning. Listening intently to our client informs what we say, how we execute, and why we deliver. Knowing our client assures that we meet their expectations and guide them to a comprehensive solution.

Thrive in complexity

We seek out challenges, are brilliant problem solvers, and apply creativity, process, discipline, and hard work. We overcome difficult problems where others fail.

Earn trust through reliability

We ask questions, challenge everyone, take ownership of the big picture, make sure nothing “falls through the cracks”, and lift up our team members as well as our clients. We go above and beyond, and do everything in our power, to achieve the goal. We do what we say, and honor our commitments.

Strive for versatility

We do many things, all with a high degree of competence, and strengthen our team through our diverse range of skills, knowledge, and interests. We’re fearless when stretching our comfort zones, learn continuously, and develop skills that may not be required today, but may be in the future.