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9 вересня 2023 21:06

Oleg Stepura, Project Manager

I began interacting with MindHunt in late July regarding a position for one of their Danish clients. Initially, things went smoothly, but there were some minor issues. The recruiter was late for a call without prior notice, and the client’s HR representative forgot to send an interview invite.

After three interview rounds (the third was with the client’s Development/Projects Director), the recruiter scheduled a final interview with the CTO and asked me to take a DISC assessment, which had not been mentioned before. I reluctantly agreed. I passed the test and, just after that, emailed the client’s HR representative, CC’ing the HR head with a request to share the test results no matter what the interview outcome would be. Sadly, I never received a response from any of them.

On August 28th, I had a final interview with the client’s CTO and Director. On August 30th, I received offers from two other companies, but I preferred the chance to taste the Danish work culture and asked MindHunt for feedback by the week’s end if possible. They promised input by the end of the week or maybe even by the end of the working day but didn’t deliver.

On September 4th, since I hadn’t heard back, I accepted another offer and requested from MindHunt’s recruiter the DISC test results again on September 6th. MindHunt informed me that the client chose another candidate (which is totally fine) guided by their HR department, sidestepping my primary request again. Their ensuing claims of caring about my situation seemed disingenuous, given their failure to keep commitments and lack of proactivity during the interview series.


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