Mighty Digital

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Hi, we are Mighty Digital. And we are the real data magicians!

We can do anything literally with digital data to make your business grow. Mighty Digital’s profile in two words: Data and Growth.

We would’ve added a third one — Success — but our natural modesty prevents us from stating the obvious 😉

We empower data-informed growth for digital brands.
In other words, we make brands big and shiny with our exceptional skills.

To assist humans in making better decisions. Integrating Data and Insights into Decision-Making → Acquiring Users → Retention → PROFITWe build and amplify the data culture for our clients
• Data Engineering
• Growth Marketing
• Data Strategy & Infrastructure
• Data Governance & Instrumentation
• Business Intelligence & Analytics Services

💥 We are DBT, mParticle, Segment, Meltano certified solutions partners.

CLIENTS www.mighty.digital/clients

• Trust and transparency are the basics
• Empathy is not just a fancy word to us
• Equality, Inclusivity, Caring — of course
• We love our mistakes — we learn from them
• We are like-minded, adequate, and supportive
• Fresh ideas, experiments, and initiatives — YES

• Initiative and non-trivial solutions
• Work remotely, be happy, show results
• No micromanagement and bureaucracy
• Internal and external education programs and workshops
• Grow and develop the way you want to within the company
• Health insurance, sick leaves, and vacation (24 business days)