MHP is an international company in the food and agritech sectors, producing high-quality and delicious food products that enhance consumers’ lives.

The company operates in agriculture, food production, and retail, with manufacturing facilities in Ukraine and the Balkans, as well as subsidiaries in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other EU countries.
MHP employs over 32,000 people in Ukraine and abroad and is ranked among the top 10 employers in Ukraine, according to Forbes.

During the full-scale war, the company sees its mission as supporting the economy and food security of Ukraine. MHP is the largest taxpayer in the agricultural sector and is also one of the top 5 largest investors in the country.

As a culinary company, MHP develops over 15 product brands, including Nasha Ryaba, Apetytna, Lehko!, Bashchynskyi, Skott Smeat, RyabChick, and others.
To ensure that Ukrainians always have access to high-quality and delicious food, the company, together with its partners, develops several retail chains: MeatMarket stores, Fresh Food, Nasha Ryaba and Döner Market restaurants, which offer tasty and safe fast food.

MHP, in collaboration with its strategic partner, the Charitable Foundation MHP — GROMADI, is actively engaged in community development, making communities more desirable places to live, while also supporting those in greatest need.