MEV is a software development company based in the United States and Europe. It was named after the mega-electronvolt, a unit of energy measurement in physics. We convert our own energy into creating valuable products with high quality, and we value it over quick results.
27 квітня 2023

Senior QA Automation Engineer (JS) (вакансія неактивна)

Львів, Черкаси, за кордоном, віддалено $4000–5000

We are taking part in the development of a healthcare startup. The main purpose is to monitor patients and make calls with them when necessary. In the project, we use devices with a camera and microphone connected to a TV set so that the patient can see other participants in the virtual rounds.

The client is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of appliances and electronics.

Stack: TypeScript/JavaScript, Node.js, React, MySQL, Kubernetes, Docker, Elastic Kubernetes Service, Terraform, Helm, AWS, Twilio Video SDK.

Architecture: Simple monolith application. Possible migration to Service-oriented architecture.

Team composition: 2SE, AQA, General QA, Delivery Manager, DevOps;
Client-side team structure: Product Owner.

Project highlights:

  • Quick response to production bugs/requests is a main requirement;
  • The team will not work on production requests every day and will have its own backlog;
  • Development practices on the project include Code review, Build-in quality, Unit-testing and integration testing, End-to-end automated testing, CI, Release on demand;
  • Working in a distributed multinational team in a different time zone. The approximate work schedule is from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM CET;
  • Dedicated team cooperation format.

Project stage: The project has passed the MVP phase. Application is deployed to prod. Active development continues in parallel with production support.


  • 1-week sprint. The input of the process will be sprint backlog, output — functionality increment. The focus here is on the predictable delivery of defined pieces of functionality;
  • Continuous exploration process. The team will work on implementing operational requests, but also on long-term improvements and presumably custom features. The input of this process is some custom feature, improvement idea, or need. Output is team backlog planned through sprints;
  • Production bugs/requests support. Although the team will work on sprints, it’s important to provide quick reactions to production requests. For this purpose, there will be created separate communication channel, which the team will continuously monitor. Requests will have different levels of urgency which will tell if a request is taken into sprint immediately or can be done during the next sprint. In case of an urgent request it’s added to the sprint and the sprint is replanned accordingly.

Scope of tasks and ownership:

  • End-to-end automated testing;
  • Owning the design of the auto-testing framework as well as auto-test implementation;
  • AQA will work to decrease release lead time and increase quality;
  • Owning the testing strategy;
  • Contributing to development quality by doing upfront test cases design, doing exploratory and non-functional testing, and issues troubleshooting.

What You’ll need:

  • 4+ years of experience working with development and QA as an SDET or automation engineer;
  • Experience with automated performance or load testing, JMeter, or similar tool;
  • Experience automating API tests, Web UI Testing, WebSocket;
  • Experience with databases;
  • Experience troubleshooting and solving technical problems;
  • Ability to work independently to remove roadblocks;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Familiarity with test engineering tools such as Eclipse/IntelliJ, JIRA, GIT, Jenkins, Docker, and other standard QA and development tools;
  • Experience with cloud service providers like AWS will be a plus;
  • Level of English Upper-Intermediate and above.

Our benefits:

  • No micromanagement;
  • Freedom to engage in decision-making and implementation;
  • Ability to work in a team of professionals (the ratio of middle and above specialists 80/20);
  • Participation in the development of high-quality products;
  • Direct communication with clients on a partnership level;
  • Professional development opportunities ($600 education budget, well-managed processes, communities, internal library);
  • Health insurance;
  • $600 extra for health care, sports, or mental health;
  • 20 paid working days off and 10 days of sick leave;
  • Opportunity to work remotely;
  • Soulful team building and corporate events.

Join us and be among those who care!