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Львов, Черкассы, Нью-Йорк (США), Сан-Франциско (США)

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  • System/DevOps Engineer Львов, Черкассы, за рубежом, удаленно
    We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to participate in development of the platform for Pick & Go stores. The main feature of these stores is cash register absence, and that the payment is charged automatically according to the data from cameras and store shelves.
  • JavaScript Engineer (Node.js, React.js) Львов, Черкассы, за рубежом, удаленно
    Наш проект — це outsourcing сервіс, що інтегрується з системами сторонніх компаній для надання послуг customer experience. Стек: React.js v.16.13.0, Redux, TypeScript, Node.js, Express.js,, Kafka, MongoDB, AWS.
  • Project Manager Львов, Черкассы
    We are looking for a Project/Delivery Manager to work potentially with several projects. The purpose of the main project is the development of a comprehensive sophisticated solution to drive negotiations between USA healthcare system players.
  • .NET Engineer $2000–3300 Львов, Черкассы, удаленно
    We are looking for a .NET Engineer to participate in development of a cloud storage platform that would allow you to create virtual storages based on the resources of distributed data centers.

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