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memoryOS, US ed-tech startup, is an AI-powered memory improvement gamified app, is co-founded by Jonas von Essen, 2X World Memory Champion. memoryOS combines interactive micro-lessons with a 3D game that teaches proven memorization skills.

Users can learn to memorize answers to hundreds of questions, complicated passwords, remember dates, names and anything important. For those that have tried the memoryOS demo, the average improvement in recall increased by 70%, with an average increase in effective recall speed by 60% just after one relatively short demo session.

Due to the lack of the current educational system to teach memorization as our base skill — it has become lost in our ongoing reliance on devices. Most people have to share their most critical data including passwords and personal notes with third-party services with an ongoing risk of being compromised. As memory-related personal data is digitized, safekeeping user identity and data is an increasing priority. Our mission is to enable great memory for as many as possible and provide storage space for the most personal information in a secure biological environment.

Recently, memoryOS became the All-time Most Funded App in Kickstarter’s history.