Membrana Media is a video eco-system for digital publishers, introducing an additional content distribution channel to deliver information.

Our focus is to address the video needs of text-based publishers. We aim to assist them in accelerating their transition to a more multimedia-centric strategy. We introduce an additional content distribution channel, empowering independent digital publishers with high-quality video content. Being an expert choice for publishers, our cutting-edge video ad technology is instrumental in diversifying their revenue streams through premium video advertising.

We boast a team of tech experts with years of experience in advertising technologies. In addition, we have our in-house video production team that creates up-to-date video content daily. Our robust technology enables us to customize videos for publishers, offering tailored solutions that resonate with their audiences. As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, Membrana Media is committed to providing the highest level of expertise to our partners.

Connect with our team today to explore how Membrana Media can assist you in maximizing your ad revenue.