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MeGaDev is an IT company that specializes in software development and IT consulting. We help our customers to accelerate their entering to market by providing remote software development teams, and also technology consulting services. Our approach is concentrated on the digital transformation of businesses to operate and deliver value to end customers.

We are providing quality services that help our partners concentrate on their goals and innovation using an agile approach. We offer qualified services of complex project development from scratch as well as already on-going ones, software team extension, along with digital transformation consultancy services.

We provide high quality, precise and timely solutions:

Software Development:
—  Front End
—  Back End
—  Mobile Development
—  AR/VR and Machine Learning
—  Technical support

—  UI/UX Design
—  Graphic Design
—  Mobile apps design
—  Digital products

Quality Assurance
MeGaDev offers Quality Assurance (QA) services to bring perfection to every project in which our company is engaged. To put it differently, this service provides various types of quality assurance testing for software, web and mobile.

Project Management & BA

Business Industries:
—  E-commerce & Retail
—  FinTech
—  AgTech
—  Healthcare
—  Logistics
—  Social Media
—  IoT
—  B2B
—  B2C
—  B2G