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We are a medical software company with a headquarter in Hannover, Germany. Medondo was founded in 2018 on the initiative of innovative dentists to actively shape the future of the medical sector together with experienced IT experts. The goal of medondo is to internationally establish a powerful and intelligent practice management solution for all specialties that brings significant improvements to the daily practice routine and develop new technical solutions in the medical sector. On the basis of state-of-the-art technologies and concepts, medondo develops web-based software that covers all work processes by using artificial intelligence. The goal is to break down old thought patterns and consistently translate various requirements of medical practices into intelligent cloud-based solutions by using agile methods of software engineering.

Our Vision

Great results start with a clear vision of our goal and the motivation to achieve these. At medondo, we have a clear picture of what our corporate culture should look like as a requisite of an optimal workplace that can obtain optimal results and efficiency.

Our Why — We transform digital healthcare and the lives they affect and improve. To us, health is a personal priority — the health of our clients, our population and none less — the health of our employees.

How — We break through limitations that current software landscapes provide medics and patients. We listen, challenge the status quo, collaborate by exchanging and gaining information to translate this into a new era of medical software technology.

What — We offer medical management software solutions with a modern state-of-art technology and create intelligent cloud-based solutions with artifical intelligence that creates new standards for digital health.

What we are searching for

Are you wondering whether you would fit into our team? If you are enthusiastic, professional, proactive, have excellent communication skills, high technical coding and programming abilities and proficient at problem solving — then you are no doubt the candidate medondo needs right now.

What we offer

Professional growth opportunities — Workshops and educational activities, cross-team working within projects, annual development reviews and appraisals, professional training activities, interaction with other senior developers.

Outstanding team — We aspire to build and maintain stable, transparent and respectful relationships in our work teams for optimal co-working and collaboration and to allow agile process improvement due to excellent team member communication and free idea exchange. We encourage proactivity in our diverse teams, and that everyone feels included and appreciated by regular feedback meetings for the outstanding work each individual contributes to the end result.

Optimal working conditions — Flexible working hours and unlimited work from home schemes or mixture of home and office working. Included are 20 vacation days, paid sick leaves and maternity/paternity leave schemes.

Healthcare — general medical insurance offered by the company.

Relocation support — We help your transition to our office locations to make moving smoother and easier for you.

Competitive salary — Our salaries are aimed to be above the average salaries in order for our employees to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Corporate events — Internal business events for our great employees to socialise, network, and have a fun day off of activities, food and drink.

Business travel — medondo occasionally organises funded trips to the headquarter in Hannover, Germany, to meet the other members of the team and spend some exciting time abroad. In addition, for any business trips required directly for work, medondo reimburses travel costs for employees.

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