MD Finance — це міжнародна продуктова FinTech компанія, яка займається фінансовими проектами на різних ринках і сегментах ринку. Наші основні напрямки діяльності включають онлайн-кредитування, KYC, продукти LaaS (програмне забезпечення для кредитування як сервісу) та рекламні технології.
2 лютого 2024

Middle/Senior Product Manager (вакансія неактивна)

Нікосія (Кіпр), віддалено

MD Finance is a global leader in FinTech, boasting a diverse portfolio that spans various financial segments worldwide.

Our primary ventures include Online Lending, KYC, LaaS (Lending as a Service) platforms, and cutting-edge AdTech solutions. These initiatives are expertly led by our in-house MD Finance team.

Key Task:
Ensure all requests for product enhancements are organized, prioritized, and well-described.


Short-term (up to 6 months):
— Establish continuous work on product enhancements, aiming for a minimal time frame from idea inception to a prepared, estimated, and prioritized user story delivered to the delivery team for inclusion in sprint activities.
— Implement a workflow for A/B testing based on potential business value and priority, keeping all documentation and analysis results clear for everyone in the team structure.

Mid-term (up to 1 year):
— Drive continuous improvement of the product UI/UX.
— Based on the results of the customer development process, propose product enhancements and oversee the implementation of these ideas into production.
— Regularly maintain an organized product backlog, establish task prioritization, and describe workflows.
— Act as an efficient communicator between all teams involved in product improvements (marketing, operations, risks, traffic unit, Romanian office, etc.).

— Minimum 4 years of similar role experience.
— Understanding of product improvement lifecycle.
— Basic knowledge of Figma and mockup tools.
— Experience in cross-team communication.
— Familiarity with software development methodologies.
— Data-driven decision-making skills.
— Intermediate+ English proficiency; Fluent in Ukrainian.

— Experience and practical knowledge of PDL business.
— Practical experience in the day-to-day use of reporting for evaluating product changes.

We Offer:
— Stable employment in a fast-growing international company.
— Remote working options depending on location.
— Competitive salary and compensation to enable focus on your projects and personal development.
— 20 days of vacation, 100% sick leave compensation.
— English language courses.
— Medical insurance.

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