mcpk. 🇺🇦 is connecting the best Ukrainian software engineers with IT businesses from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. What makes us different from other Ukrainian IT companies? First of all — our philosophy! We believe that we have two kinds of customers — the businesses and the developers. So we treat each developer as our customer! We are not doing projects like outsourcing, and we are not a body shop like outstaffing. We connect you with the fitting company from the DACH region and create all the conditions needed to disclose your potential fully.

Our cooperation is based on one simple principle — you work directly for the company from Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. mcpk., in turn, makes sure that everything is functioning well and that you have everything needed for your work, like hardware, office, coffee, corporate events, insurance, etc. We do not interfere in your daily work as we are big fans of simplicity and transparency.

Why join mcpk.:
• Healthy work-Life-Balance with flexible working hours!
• Performance review two times a year;
• Reliability on German level;
• Company is founded and managed by developers;
• Long-term cooperation;
• Highly qualified team;
• Work in a foreign company;
• 24 days off per year;
• Medical insurance;
• Possible business trips abroad;
• English/German classes
• Ability to work full remotely
• PE accounting and support
• Flat organization structure and short decision-making processes