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Мы активная и амбициозная IT компания, которая уже более 8 лет занимается созданием сложных веб приложений с уникальным функционалом для клиентов из США, Нидерландов, Израиля и Австралии.
5 декабря 2019

Senior IT Sales Manager (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

• 2 year plus of experience of IT Sales Management experience in an outsourcing or outstaffing company;
• Knowledge of organizing an effective sales-funnel using LinkedIn and Upwork;
• Upper-Intermediate+ written/spoken English and willingness to be interviewed in it;
• Great communication skills, ability to clearly express your thoughts and ask relevant questions.

Our company is progressing fast and we hope you will grow alongside us. You will have a wonderful possibility to enforce yourself as a professional Sales Manager within our team.


• Competitive salary and performance-based bonuses;
• Permanent help and support from our Tech Leads;
• Flexible working hours. We don’t focus on how many hours you have spent in the office but evaluate the outcome of your work.
• Official Employment. The company covers taxes for you;
• MaybeWorks provides full accounting and legal services for the employees and covers all related expenses;
• Paid Vacation;
• Conscious senior management, who help, hear and encourage to act
• City center office location with a cozy atmosphere and proactive colleagues.
• English classes and sports activities compensation package.


In order to reach our common goals and build an effective sales-funnel, we expect you to:
• Analyze clients’ business needs and IT-Market trends;
• Take part in customer profiling;
• Conduct primary negotiations and identify clients’ needs;
• Take active participation in projects’ estimations alongside with our Project Managers and Lead Developers;
• Create business proposals;
• Close deals. Always Be Closing.

We rely on your insights and opinion, and be sure — if you know how to make us better — your ideas are always welcome.

Please feel free to send your CV to hr@maybeworks.com and do not forget to outline your salary expectation.

О проекте

MaybeWorks is an IT Company, which is actively engaged in complex custom web development for small and mid-sized companies, mostly located in Western Europe and North America.

The company is on the way of reaching bigger goals, therefore we are expanding our Sales Crew. Our new team-mate is going to help us develop and leverage new business strategies.

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