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Maxitech is an R&D office of a large international holding headquartered in Israel. We have offices in 8 locations worldwide. The R&D team is located in Kyiv. Maxitech R&D team’s target is developing software solutions maximizing the performance of the core business. The current team size is 250+ people.
19 октября 2020

Junior Information Security QA Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

— The person will have to be well organized
— The person will have to be meticulous about details
— The person will need to be self-taught capable
— The person will have to be responsible
— At least Intermediate English level


— Cutting-edge technology stack
— Team of strong IT professionals working in a dynamic startup environment
— Practices we follow: TDD, DI, CI\CD\CT
— Perspective to create complex and useful product from scratch using modern approaches
— Big amount of knowledge-sharing practices and sessions
— Centrally located office near Poshtova Square metro station with great view from our terrace
— Competitive salary, reasonable and fair working conditions, flexible schedule
— Medical insurance


— Continues monitoring of systems’ permissions — weekly monitoring of all the systems to make sure that all users are listed in the correct role.
— Validation of user roles according to job description — Monthly review of the roles in each system and validating that the given permissions to the role is accurate
— Alerting in case misconfiguration is found — according to a procedure that will be built internally
— Review of connection logs and alerting on misconfigurations — a random review of the logs once a week and alert according to a procedure that will be built internally
— Review of different IT systems’ logs such as firewalls, Endpoint protection and so on
— Validation that there are no users which had access to the different systems form IPs that are not part of the office pool — monthly review of the different systems’ configuration to validate that all access is granted only from office pool
— The capacity is a full-time job complied of 45 weekly hours

О проекте

Maxitech is a R&D office of large international holding, building a portfolio of products linked to each other with the business goals they are addressing. Our project is long term and has stable financing. There are existing solutions for Marketing&Sales departments which are already in production and havу active phase of new functions development as well as start-up products.

Maxitech R&D team’s target is developing software solutions maximizing the performance of the core business. Current team size is 200+ employees. We are looking for experts ready to bring their knowledge and contribute to building the new, best-in-the class, software product.
Our company headquarter is in Israel. We also have offices in 8 locations worldwide. R&D team is fully concentrated in Kiev.
We don’t do outstaff or outsource, we don’t have a „client” and don’t sell any service. We make qualitative software products to enable the business become more efficient and successful.

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