Maxitech is an R&D office of large international holding. Working with wide audience of private investors we help them trading stocks, commodities and currencies as well as providing them with the suite of efficient services for online investments.
23 июня 2020

DevOps Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

Our stack:
— Orchestrators: Swarm/ECS, K8s/EKS
— Monitoring: Prometheus/Grafana, Cloudwatch (in some cases)
— Loggin: ELK Stack (filebeat,logstash,elastic, kibana)
— Cloud: AWS Cloud and ESXi (on-prem)
— Queues: SQS, RabbitMQ
— Chaching: Redis Cache
— IAC: Terraform
— WAF/DNS: Cloudflare
— Testing: nunit/mstest/jest/pester
— Apps: Developing using net.core and react

— At least 2 years of work experience as a DevOps engineer
— experience with cloud services (Amazon Web Services preferably)
— AWS: EC2, s3, ecs, efs, ELB, ALB, NLB, AWS Elastic search, Cloudwatch, RDS MSSQL/MySQL, AWS CloudMap
— Familiar with tools: .Net, MS Build, SonarQube, PowerShell/cmd, SQL, nunit/mstest/jest, nuget, npm, Bash, Git

Будет плюсом

— Experience .Net and Powershell
— Experience with AzureDevOps Server (TFS)
— Experience with ESXi
— Experience with RabbitMQ
— Elasticsearch


— Cutting-edge technology stack
— Ability to work with a big amount of environments (more than 15)
— Team of strong IT professionals working in a dynamic startup environment
— Practices we follow: CI\CD\CT
— Ability to grow as professional
— Competitive salary, reasonable and fair working conditions, flexible schedule
— Centrally located office near Poshtova Square metro station with a great view from our terrace
— Medical insurance


— Configuration/Maintainance/Monitoring infrastructure for Dev, PreProd, Prod environments
— Configuration and improvement of CI/CD/CT using best practices (we’re using AzureDevOps Server)
— Optimization of existing environments/structure (currently AWS Cloud, ESXI Cluster on-prem)
— Take part in environment/architecture planning
— Lead efforts to improve the availability, performance & reliability of existing production environments
— Take part in the POC of new tools and technologies
— Writing infrastructure as code with Terraform using AWS/ESXi providers
— Actively support and work closely with the development teams

О проекте

Maxitech is looking for DevOps Engineer to join the team.

Maxitech is a R&D office of large international holding, building a portfolio of products linked to each other with the business goals they are addressing. Our project is long term and has stable financing. There are existing solutions for Marketing&Sales departments which are already in production and havе active phase of new functions development as well as start-up products.

Maxitech team’s target is developing software solutions maximizing the performance of the core business. Its users make thousands of trades every month.

Maxitech R&D team’s target is developing software solutions maximizing the performance of the core business. Current team size is 200+ employees. We are looking for experts ready to bring their knowledge and contribute to building the new, best-in-the class, software product.
Our company headquarter is in Israel. We also have offices in 8 locations worldwide. R&D team is fully concentrated in Kiev.

We don’t do outstaff or outsource, we don’t have a „client” and don’t sell any service. We make qualitative software products to enable the business become more efficient and successful.

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