At Matter Labs, we are building zkSync: a blockchain scaling solution secured purely by cutting-edge cryptography. Our mission is to scale Ethereum to billions of users, fully preserving its most valuable properties — permissionlessness, trustlessness, and resilience, — in order to protect and enhance global economic freedom.
We hold a strong opinion that zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) are the only technology today that can achieve this goal. We are also proud to be the pioneer of the ZKP tech on Ethereum, and one of the few companies in the world with strong expertise in this field. Our contributions over the last 3 years include the first ZK rollup ever built, the first implementation of recursive ZK proofs on Ethereum, and the world’s first practical FPGA-based ZKP accelerator. Most recently, we launched a zkEVM testnet, making zkSync the first ZK rollup capable of executing native Ethereum smart contracts.
Across all hires we make at Matter Labs, regardless of role or team, we look for signals that a candidate will thrive in a culture like ours, where we value freedom, ownership mindset, and meritocracy.

**Working at Matter Labs:**

You will work on a deeply mission-driven project, making a significant contribution to the greater economic and political freedom globally.

We are a fast-growing startup in the world’s fastest-growing industry. We offer highly competitive cash and equity compensation.

We respect every team member as an individual. We encourage a healthy work/life balance without excessive overtime. We will provide you with anything we can to help you grow professionally, be productive and happy.

We are a remote-first, results-only organization. Most of the team is based in Europe, and we currently only consider candidates located between EST (UTC-5) and ICT (UTC+7). You are expected to adjust your schedule, managing style, work, and communication methods to such an environment.

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