About Matrix42

Recognized by Gartner as a unique, visionary vendor, Matrix42 delivers and manages future-ready, self-service digital workspaces that meet the needs of today’s location-independent workforce. It achieves this with a complete, centralized and automated solution that provides authenticated access to workspaces across aggregated physical, virtual and mobile environments.

Advantages for executives

Business managers benefit from: an easier way to ensure software compliance; complete transparency over software deployment approval and license costs; a comprehensive overview of workspace infrastructure and the status of its components; and the ability to manage workspaces as an automated business process.

Advantages for IT managers

IT managers benefit from faster and simpler software distribution, support, management and maintenance. They use Matrix42’s products and solutions to become IT service providers, delivering role-specific workspaces to end user customers through extensive automation and consistent, self-service interfaces.

Advantages for users

End-users are empowered with authenticated, self-service access to an individualized workspace on any device, featuring the specific portfolio of applications they need to perform effectively.

Ultimately, the value of Matrix42 products and solutions can be measured in lower operational IT costs, greater software license efficiency, reduced IT admin workloads, simplified compliance fulfillment and happier, more productive employees.

That’s why over 6,000 organizations including BMW, Infineon and Carl Zeiss rely on Matrix42 every day.

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