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Since 2014, Matic has changed the landscape of insurance technology by integrating home insurance within the homeownership experience. Today, our digital insurance marketplace has over 30 A-rated home and auto carriers and distribution partners in industries ranging from mortgage originations and servicing to banking, real estate and personal finance.
17 февраля 2020

Ruby Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


We’re looking for an engineer to join AMP squad, Matic’s core product that helps agents in their day to day operations with customers.

Day to day duties:

— Development of multiple awesome API integrations
— Development and maintaining of smart and convenient solutions
— Participation in full product development cycle (defining problems, prioritizing features, building long-lasting architecture, refactoring)
— Collaboration with our cross-functional teams to ship new, impactful features of our products to the market
— Writing tests!
— Writing awesome code :)

Must have skills:

— 3+ years experience in Ruby
— Ability to transform ideas into a working product of perfect quality
— English Intermediate+
— Experience with test frameworks

Nice to have:

— Passion for quality
— Desire to take part in product development decisions

Tools we use:

— Backend: Ruby 2.4, Ruby on Rails 5.2, Sidekiq, ActiveAdmin (and plan to switch to the latest versions of everything)
— DB: PostgreSQL
— Testing: RSpec
— Infrastructure: AWS
— Frontend: React


— We don’t have a “customer” :)
— Architecture is built by the Lviv development team. So you’ll have an opportunity to make technical improvements

About us

What are we doing and why? What is the idea behind our product?
Buying a home in the USA is scary and it’s the biggest purchase most people ever make. Matic helps new homebuyers protect their biggest asset by offering homeowners insurance, as simple as clicking a button (usually it takes up to 2 days!).

Our vision: Matic empowers you to simplify your whole world of insurance.

Our mission: Through data, technology, and education, we help properly ensure every homeowner in the USA.

Who are we?
We are a team of 2 people in San Francisco, 22 people in Lviv and 54 people in Columbus. We’re a team of lifelong learners. We work smart and hard, laugh a lot and give the best high-fives in town. Love innovation, question everything, build things that last and genuinely caring about our customers. Through quality, transparency, and hard work, we empower each other to build the best version of ourselves, personifying the Matic “Why” every day.

Who work in our team?
You can find our team members here: bit.ly/2sDeIR7

What am I going to do when I join Matic?
We are developing several endpoints for customers to get insurance, integration with our partners and a back portal for our insurance agency. We have core products in several smaller services that solve a single business goal. You will collaborate with our cross-functional teams to ship new, impactful features or new products to the market.

Why are we different?
Working in small teams with a lot of influence and, therefore responsibility, we are changing the insurance market in the USA. So we prefer to work with generalists that could deliver high-quality work and be flexible.

P.S. Please, add a few words about you 😉

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