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Buying a home in the USA is scary and it’s the biggest purchase most people ever make. Matic helps new homebuyers protect their biggest asset by offering homeowners insurance, as simple as clicking a button (usually it takes up to 2 days!). Matic’s API works directly with mortgage lenders and insurance carriers to provide homeinsurance during the mortgage process. Within 60 seconds or less, Matic will figure out what coverages you need, shop multiple carriers, and give a quote tailored to you and all you have to do is click 1 button.

Our Vision: Matic insurance policy on every home loan

More info about us:
— we have 4 offices across the world: 3 people in Los Angeles, 23 people in Lviv and 22 in Columbus, 3 in San Francisco;
— most of our projects are Ruby/Rails with standard tech stack. And we have few projects in Elixir;
— the complexity of our projects is not technical but more business related. As result we pay a lot of attention to the architecture and code design;
— we adore quality — and maintain highest tests coverage you can imagine;
— we love automation — so all infrastructure is automated with Terraform, Ansible, Docker, GoCD;
— we are glad to share knowledge and help others to grow, so: pair programming, code reviews, team presentations/workshops, discussion about best architecture approaches, and other items is our “daily routine”;
— our engineering team goal is a perfection of Continuous Delivery concepts. We try to deliver fast and work in short iterations with automated staging deployments several times a day and production deployments once a week;
— we prefer to work with generalists that could deliver high-quality work and be flexible;
— we are small and fast, so no bureaucracy and hierarchy on your way;
— we are giving a great opportunity to work in a product company specialized in a huge market with the opportunity to touch millions of people.

And even if don’t have any open positions right now we will be happy to hear from you — just contact us via email. We are always looking for motivated and talented people! 🚀

Take a look here on our pitch on TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battle in SF this year:

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