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To work at Materialise means to work for a better and healthier world... With its headquarters in Leuven, Belgium and branches all over the world, the Materialise Group is best known for its activities in the field of rapid industrial and medical prototyping.
21 октября 2020

Test Engineer with automation (medical web-project) — 50/50% manual to automation (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

— 3+ years of testing experience
— 1,5+ year of experience in automation
— Experience of testing web-applications
— Practical experience with performance testing & integration testing
— Intermediate level of English

Будет плюсом

— Work experience with Selenium (WebDriver)
— Work experience in automation using C#
— Work experience with Microsoft .NET 4.5
— Experience with Git


— Build a local & international career
— Be a part of future technologies
— Use Learning and development system
— Learn & use English


— Implementation automation testing process for web-based applications,
— Support and adopt exist auto-tests,
— Extend auto-tests framework,
— Functional testing,
— Regression testing,
— Test Plans/Reports creation,
— Test Strategies Define

О проекте

If you are passionate about knowing that what you do is important and that what you create matters then maybe, we have the right job for you.
Value is not just an empty word to us here at Materialise — it means developing software solutions to help people walk, run and jump again. It means engineering to help customers develop better products and add more functionality.

Materialise Web-based Surgery Planner allows a surgeon to simulate the placement of implants in a joint replacement surgery (Knee, Shoulder). This simulation is based on three-dimensional models of the patient’s anatomy that were derived from medical imaging data using image segmentation. Using the Planner, the surgeon can inspect a default pre-operative plan that is generated by Materialise, adjust parameters as desired, and approve it. The surgeon approved pre-operative plan will then be used by Materialise to design and produce the Patient Specific Instruments (Pin Placement Guides) using rapid prototyping. Finally, the patient-matched pin placement guides will be used on the patient during surgery as a guide to accurately determine drill and cut positions that are required for placing the actual implant device.

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