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We are Mate аcademy, a product EdTech startup with a mission to help 1 million people worldwide build their careers in IT. Our team challenges educational processes in Ukraine and the world, changing the pattern that obtaining an IT profession from scratch is nearly impossible.

🏆 Our product is a technological, gamified, AI-friendly LMS platform where students learn IT specialties. Register and give it a try!

Mate’s uniqueness lies in free education leading to employment (Income Share Agreement Model). Students pay 12% of their salary for 3 years only after getting a job. That’s why our educational program prepares students to meet the needs and requirements of the job market. 80% of those who complete our training land jobs in IT. Currently, Mate’s graduates constitute 1% of IT specialists in Ukraine.

🥇 Achievements:
— Employed over 3500 students.
— Successfully launched our business in Poland and Brazil and have plans to expand to other countries.
— Recognized as a “Rising Star” in Europe by Atomico, Google for Startups, and Dealroom.co.
— Received a monetary reward from Google in December 2022.
— Growing at a rate of 2.5-3 times annually.

🤹‍♀️ Our team consists of 140+ mates and continues to grow.
We seek exciting challenges and work by the principle of getting things done. We are driven by changing people’s lives, and helping them acquire new professions. We draw inspiration from each other, as everyone does everything possible (and a little more) to achieve the goal. In such an environment, we become better every day. Hiring A-players is our focus.

🎸 Our culture: “no bullshit” based on 4 values:
— Act in the best interests of the company,
— Full responsibility,
— Be humble,
— Be hungry.
A culture of feedback, the right to make mistakes, transparent communication, and processes are important to us. We avoid micromanagement and instead prioritize trust and awareness of owning one’s goals.
In this article, you can find more details.

⭐ Founders of Mate аcademy — Anna Apostol, Roman Apostol, and Max Lysak.
Roman Apostol was a team lead at Google and co-founder of the startup Preply.
Anna Apostol is listed among Forbes’ 25 Women in IT, and Max Lysak is a co-founder of the Lviv business incubator Startup Depot and the Lviv IT Arena conference.

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