Python conf in Kharkiv, Nov 16 with Intel, Elastic engineering leaders. Prices go up 21.10


21...80 специалистов

Smartbox is software development company committed to create modern reliable products for clients across the globe 🌎
The team was established in 2011, location — Kyiv.
Our inspiration is new technologies and applying them to real-life for the benefit of mankind.
We love coding as well as having fun 😜, doing sports🎯 and playing computer games 🎮, so there is no time for boring things 💩

Projects specializations
💊 Healthcare: Let’s get rid of diseases
💰 Finance: Take the money under control
🚗 Transportation: Make the right move
🎓 Education: Excellence through learning

Tech stack
• Mobile native: iOS, Android
• Web: Angular, React
• Backend: NodeJS
• And many more 🤓

We are looking for new cheerful friendly talents. If you are such a guy then we are happy to invite you to be a part of our awesome team!

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