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22 февраля 2021

Java and Web trainer


Необходимые навыки

— Java development experience not less than 5 years
— At least 3 years of experience as a Senior Developer in active projects
— Experience of work with the main frameworks and technologies in Java (Spring, Spring technologies stack, Hibernate/JPA, etc.)
— Excellent knowledge of design patterns (GoF)
— Experience in conducting trainings or skill development of team members within the project team
— Knowledge of UML, the ability to use basic modelling tools
• ES2018
• WebPack
• TypeScript
• REST services
• Angular 8+ / RxJS
• React / Redux / Thunk / React hooks

— Knowledge of the following technologies is necessary:
• Java Core (basics, generics, collections, input/output streams, multithreading, reflection)
• Java 8 (Stream API, asynchronous programming, date/time API)
• Spring Frameworks (Core, Spring Data, Spring Security, Spring Cloud)
• JPA / Hibernate / JDBC / SQL
• Maven
• SOAP / REST Web Services

Knowledge of the following technologies will be a plus:
• Spring Security
• Spring Cloud / Batch / Integration
• Spring Reactive Streams
• Scala
• JEE technologies: JMS / EJB / CDI / WildFly
• Java tuning and profiling
• Google Guava

Будет плюсом

• NgRX
• Zone.js / NgZone
• Testing in Angular / React (frameworks Jest/Jasmine/Mocha/Chai)
• Redux Forms, Redux Middleware
• Web workers
• Vue.js
• Mobile web development (React Native / NativeScript / Ionic / Flutter)
• Advanced HTML5 technologies


Conduct training sessions using existing Luxoft-developed materials for Luxoft employees and external customers

О проекте

Learning Management & Development


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