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Luxoft provides high-end business solutions to clients across the globe. With deep domain expertise in the finance, telecom, energy, automotive, and travel industries, the company consistently goes beyond its clients’ expectations by bringing together technology, talent, innovation, and the highest quality standards.
16 сентября 2020

C/C++ Technical Lead for Linux Graphics and Media framework (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

* C/C++
* Yocto experience
* Understanding multi-thread and event loop software architecture
* Deep understanding of audio/video architecture based on Linux
* Media framework/application development
* Experience with audio/video encoder, decoder, demuxer, color format, and media container
* Experience multimedia frameworks(GStreamer, FFmpeg) and multimedia framework pipeline

Будет плюсом

* debugging skills (Strace, GDB, Valgrind, Heaptrack, ...)
* Experience of architecture design
* Experience and knowledge of media containers(MP4, AVI, MKV,...) and media codecs(H.264, AAC, MP3,...)


* GStreamer open source technical support
* Support GStreamer core version update
* Support pipeline process method for new features
* GStreamer pipeline performance profiling
* Invalid media file handling with media container

О проекте

Luxoft is one of the major Software Services companies world-wide. We deliver professional software services in multiple business verticals such as Finance, Automotive, and Digital Transformation.

Luxoft is building up a new special purpose organization targeted at developing In-Vehicle Infotainment systems for the age of autonomously driving vehicles. How do people in cars spend their time? How do they interact with information and how do they best utilize the cars infrastructure in a future 2021? How to surpass all the benchmarks in automotive SW development. We believe that Software is the driving force to enable and differentiate in future environments. To achieve outstanding user experience, we want to apply the best of open source in the way that open source communities are meant to work, we focus on living continuous integration up to its most modern concepts including continuous delivery right into the vehicle. Our project setup and way of working follows agile principles scaled to global team.

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