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3 июля 2020

Regular-Senior ASR / NLP Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

∙ Python development 2+ years, ability to build API solutions;
∙ Experience with data-driven statistical and machine learning methods;
∙ Understanding of ASR techiques and frameworks (DeepSpeech, CMU Sphinx or similar);
∙ Understanding of Acoustic / Language Models (AM / LM);
∙ Understanding of NLP techniques and text processing approaches (TF-IDF, Word2Vec), semantic extraction, data structures and modeling;
∙ Understanding of Deep Learning, experience with TensorFlow, Keras/PyTorch (or similar);
∙ Ability to work efficiently with global teams to leverage existing systems and solutions;

Будет плюсом

∙ C++ and/or Java development;
∙ Experience in building large vocabulary speech recognition systems;
∙ Inverse-Text Normalization (ITN);
∙ GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) understanding;
∙ Demonstrate ownership and initiative taking;
∙ Take part in building CI environment;


∙ Application development using Python, C++ and/or Java;
∙ Development of internal ASR engine using DeepSpeech;
∙ Work on improvements of DeepSpeech model’s accuracy;
∙ Support integration of the speech SDK into applications developed in Java;
∙ Ability to implement experiments using scripting languages;

О проекте

Automatic Speech Recognition and Machine learning/NLP engineer is required to join Liquidity Management group to work on a wide variety of speech-related research and development activities, including acoustic modeling, language modeling and tools development. Our speech recognition research is typically data driven and we are particularly interested in unsupervised/supervised techniques to leverage large quantities of data. You should be passionate about creating phenomenal products and will be working with other members of Technical excellence and innovation team on extending and improving components of our speech understanding based on Mozilla/DeepSpeech framework.

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