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21 октября 2019

Big Data Solution Architect


Необходимые навыки

• Proven experience desinging complex HA and FT distributed Solutions and Products
• Workgin experience with Public Cloud (Infrastructure and PaaS subsystems)
• Working experience with modern RDBMS and NoSQL
• Excellent verbal and written skills, with proven ability to communicate ideas and to design and document projects in a clear, concise way
• Experience with ORM (Toplink/Eclipselink, Hibernate, JDO, etc.).
• Experience with ETL Solutions.
• Working experience with Hadoop (HDFS, Yarn, Spark)
• Resolve technical problem with asynchronous
• Resolve technical problems with HA/FT geodistributed systems design

Expertise in:
— Java/Scala
— Spark
— Docker
— Cassandra or (Big data DB e.g. Mongo or Hbase knowledge)
— GraphDB knowledge -big plus
— Kafka
— Hadoop (HDFS, Yarn)
— Apache NiFi
— Public Cloud knowledge (infra, PaaS).

Будет плюсом

— Alibaba cloud
— API Gateway


• An exciting and challenging job in a dynamic team
• An opportunity to be innovative and to learn
• High salary and attractive compensation package


— Design Architecture Solution
Technical documentation (Detailed Design, UML digrams, Wiki pages
— Every day regular communication with the Client
— Random Client’s site visit
— Lead the technical design effort of the project that meets scalability and performance requirements
— Work closely with management on coordinating with non-technical teams
— Work side by side with Technical team (20 engineers)
— Regularly Demostrate accomplished milestones to Client
— Ensure proper technical design and documentation
— Help define and ensure adherence to engineering processes such as code reviews, source control, unit testing, use case analysis, defect management
— Present technical issues and their business impact to management

О проекте

The International Olympic Committee (IOC), through its subsidiary Olympic Channel Services (OCS) requires the development and support of an Olympic Movement results and biographies database and associated applications. The project’s Vision is to become the definitive reference for accurate athlete data, historical results and biographies, acting as a trusted partner that shares sports data to improve exposure and engagement and offers an opportunity to digitise sports data-related processes across the entire Olympic Movement, local organising committees of single and multi-sports events, and the Media.

The main deliverable of the SDW is a centralised data warehouse of sports results and athlete biographical data formed from the aggregation of multiple existing databases that are held and maintained by each contributor to the project.

In parallel to developing the warehouse will be the development of applications that can leverage this central repository to supply various functions to various stakeholders. This can include:

Widgets to enhance an athlete’s social profile

Registration tools for events

Data analysis and presentation of sports statistical information