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8 серпня 2022 15:08

Stanislaw Sorokin, Chief Specialist of the Application Systems Support Department, Senior DBA, expert in the field of Oracle products в IR Bank

I left disappointed.
I am a certified senior DBA and Oracle product expert. I applied for a position with a mandatory indication of the expected financial compensation. I was contacted by recruiter, and they scheduled a technical interview with me two weeks later, everything went well. After that, during the interview with the PM, the question was asked about how much money I expect, though this was indicated in my application from the beginning. And so my answer turned out to be a huge surprise for the PM, I was sharply made to understand that my expectations were too high (although I asked even less than other specialists of my level by median). To my question “Ok seems like mistake accrued, so what is your budget for this position? Let us discuss it now.” I was told this issue could not be discussed under any pretext.
Well, this is just ridiculous. ^_^


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