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25 липня 2022

Middle/Senior PHP developer (вакансія неактивна)


CORE SKILLS: Laravel or Syphony knowledge.

We have a request from our potential client in the UK. The customer is looking for a PHP developer for a SuiteCRM with basics in JS.

Our firm is looking for a PHP / JS developer who can come into our existing SuiteCRM platform and assist us in leading the growth of our business.

Your role — initially — would be to map out the SuiteCRM architecture we currently have — defining the systems/subsystems we have in place and any particularities we have with our installation.
This would result in an architecture document that would outline the system architecture and the elements within.
Next, you would be responsible for doing a code review of the codebase and determining the issues that are URGENT AND IMPORTANT from a technical perspective and then down the priority tree. This would be discussed with our CTO and determined which items need to be addressed before the existing system.
Lastly, you would then take on a leadership role within the development team on various efforts either from bug bashing, enhancements to existing features or building out new products and features.
Leadership is not handed out — it is shown from within — and you would be amongst the team leading from example and potentially become to leader in either one part of the overall system or the whole architecture.
You are developing on the Google Cloud using SuiteCRM and MySQL.
What will be key is your ability to use Trello as a project management tool, Bitbucket / github for version control and excellent writing/drawing skills.
The team is remote and we are primarily in the UK timeframe for our major team efforts (tho we are also in Tel Aviv, Lahore, Jaipur).
Examples of your previous work
Examples of when you have revamped / redesigned Views and their functionality
Examples of how you have captured requirements, delivered the request and then confirmed the delivery
We love self-taught developers along with credentialed ones, and we are NOT looking for PHP/SuiteCRM development firms.
We are building a team and are looking for people who wish to become part of our team.
Send us a link to your github (if you have one) and any examples you may have to share.
To confirm you read this all the way through, please also answer if you think the world needs more assistance in mental health or not.