We are company that compares tariffs for telecom, electricity, gas, insurance, finance, vehicles, and commission-free real estate and brokers contracts for these services, which are usually remunerated by these service providers. It is one of the largest providers in the field of tariff comparisons
21 липня 2022 Перша робота

Helpdesk/Customer support (4pm-12pm Kiev time.) (вакансія неактивна)


We have a request from our potential client in the Australia. The customer is looking for a Helpdesk/Customer support/accounting (4pm-12pm Kiev time.)

For Helpdesk, we ideally need:- good English writing skills (we use Freshdesk and don’t offer telephone support)
— skills / understanding in accounting / bookkeeping or the ability to learn the same (we are patient)
— willingness to work unusual hours (most of our clients are in Australia or USA)We have some videos about our product available at: asset-accountant.com
— good at math

Working hours (4pm-12pm Kiev time.)

You will need to do test task.