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4 травня 2022

Middle .NET Engineer (вакансія неактивна)


We have a request from our client in the UK. The customer is looking for a Middle .NET Engineer with good spoken English. Below, we propose to consider detailed requirements and a description of the client’s company:

Client’s company is an online lending company that provides fast and easy working capital funding to small businesses in South Africa.

The client develops a Bank accounting platform for SME where they can manage their bank accounts, analyze spendings, generate and share invoices or get funding, and much more.

System consists of: several ASP.NET MVC web application written with .NET Framework 4.7.2, with Razor pages that contain JS code Azure Functions and Azure Web Jobs

Candidate responsibilities:

Investigate production issues
Provide temporary and/or permanent solutions for identified issues
Improve code proactively by identifying possible problem points and designing solutions
Write knowledge base articles about known issues and suggested resolutions.
Implement upgrades for the system (upgrade NuGet packages, migrate projects to .NET Core)
The English level should be good, so the candidate can communicate with 3rd party providers by himself;

Team structure at Client side: 1 Support Manager, there is another team working on new features that the candidate will need to be in contact as well

Client Interview process details: tech interview with a Backend engineer; intro with the client (30 mins)

Duration: 12 month+

Workload: full time