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4 травня 2022

Senior Ruby Engineer (вакансія неактивна)


We have a request from our potential client in Spain. The customer is looking for a Senior Full Stack Dev (Ruby/JavaScript) with good spoken English. Below, we propose to consider detailed requirements and a description of the client’s company:

These are client’s Products:

— word.tips (https://word.tips/) and crossword-solver.io (crossword-solver.io/) two of our products focussed on language based games and entertainment, serving close to 32M users per month

— BAM (www.facebook.com/BAM-324346995054913/v) an entertainment-based Facebook Instant Game with over 30M active users


In this role, you will work across both companies with extensive experience in developing infrastructure & code for websites that serve a large number of users. The focus will be optimizing performance, tools, and systems, as well as working with a team of Engineers, supporting QA processes, and working with Product Managers to prototype new features and apps.

What is the ratio between JS and RoR tasks for the Full-stack position?

For the RoR role it is 90-95% ROR
Project tech stack:

JavaScript frameworks (Nuxt/Vue)
HTML5, CSS3,ECMAScript 6
Rest API
NoSQL databases
Team structure at Client side:

15 people team
5 designers
3 founders
4 inhouse devs
1 product manger
operation director
2 devs in Kyiv -remote
Interview process:

Internal tech interview
15 mins call with COO — check English + cultural fit (2-3 tech calls overall — 30 minutes each)
Duration: 12+ months

If your team has a relevant developer, please share his/her CV :)